Chat with experts: Daniel Schwarz founder of UX Tricks & Design Editor at Toptal

This week’s CHAT WITH EXPERT we invited the UX Tricks and Toptal Design Editor Daniel Schwarz. Daniel shares his knowledge on Design and Ecommerce. He also shares some thoughts on eCommerce industry, hope you’ll enjoy that and take action based on his advice. ABOUT DANIEL SCHWARZ: Daniel Schwarz is an UX Designer by profession, as […]

Branding Strategy: 6 Strategies to tell an effective story as an eCommerce brand

  If you’re involved in eCommerce business by anyhow, you already know how’s ecommerce is growing day by day. It’s getting crowded, and if you want to stand out in that crowd you’ve nothing to do without positioning your eCommerce company as an eCommerce brand. You can only do that with a proper branding strategy […]